Happy Earth Day!

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In honor of Earth Day today, we want to share our love for the planet by explaining a few different processes that we have instilled in our fabrication shop, to help recycle and repurpose:

  1. One of the newest elements that we’ve added is a filter press machine which helps recycle all of our process/waste water that’s used throughout the fabrication shop. All of the leftover water runs through the filter press, where the solids are separated from the water. The clean water is then pumped back into storage vessels, which eventually makes its way back into the shop for use. The solids that have been separated are then collected and used for landfill toppings. (See pictures for reference)
  2. The second step involves our leftover templating material. Once we are finished with a wooden template, we send the leftover material to a facility that burns it for use as a fuel source.
  3. The last thing that we do pertains to our natural stone. The leftover granite pieces from each and every job are collected and sent to a company that crushes them, so they can be used for road base.