Supplies & Products

cg-cleaning-suppliesAt Capital Granite, we carry a full line of safe and effective products to care for your natural stone. If you have any questions about general care of stone, or how to remove stains, please call, email or stop in to our Bridgeport or Petoskey location so we can help guide you to the right product.

Available Products

Stone Glamor – 1 Quart
$36 Out the Door
A highly versatile penetrating and topical sealer with a broad range of applications such as granite, marble, slate, travertine, sandstone, limestone and tile.

Capital Granite 3-in-1 Spray Wax
$10 Out the Door
Cleaner, polisher and protector for granite, marble and quartz surfaces.

More Stone & Quartz Cleaner + Protector – 16 Fl Oz
$15 Out the Door
A 2-in-1 daily cleaner and protector formulated specifically for cleaning and protecting natural stone and quartz surfaces.

More Oil & Stain Remover – 8 Fl Oz
$25 Out the Door
A specially formulated poultice compound designed to safely and effectively extract set-in oil stains from natural stone, grout and concrete surfaces.

More Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner – 1 Quart
$20 Out the Door
Formulated specifically for cleaning and restoring natural stone, tile and grout and concrete. Safely removes grease, oil and ground in dirt and grime from high traffic areas.

More Premium Stone Enhancer – 1 Quart
$80 Out the Door
The highest performing penetrating sealer that enhances stone’s natural color, texture and unique character. Provides maximum protection against the toughest stains.


Flitz Stainless Steel & Chrome Cleaner
$20 Out the Door
Easily removes grease, oil, water spots, fingerprints and more.

Flitz Stainless Steel Polish
$20 Out the Door
Leaves a brilliant, protective gloss. Dust & fingerprint resistant.


511 Sealer & Enhancer – 1 Quart
$55 Out the Door
511 Seal & Enhance will enhance the color and rejuvenate the appearance of tumbled, honed, acid-washed, sandblasted, flamed, textured, even polished stone and tile surfaces

Flitz Microfiber Cloth – 1 Cloth
$5 Out the Door
This thick, commercial grade microfiber polishing cloth from Flitz works on any surface to remove dust, dirt, fingerprints, grease and oil, polishes, waxes, bugs, tar and nicotine film, with or without chemicals.

More Acidic Cleaner –
1 Quart

$25 Out the Door
A concentrated, professional strength acidic cleaner formulated specifically for cleaning and restoring natural stone, tile and grout. Removes cement-based grout haze, efflorescence and mineral deposits. Use only on non-acid sensitive surfaces.