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Our recommendation for sealing stone depends on your stone selection. Though we apply a sealer to every top we fabricate (including natural stone and quartz), each stone possesses unique characteristics, so re-sealing frequencies will vary. For lighter-colored stone, we may recommend re-sealing it every 3 to 5 years. Typically darker-colored stone should be sealed every 5 to 7 years or longer. Most quartz products will never need to be re-sealed.

Re-sealing is something that can be completed on your own, and takes minimal effort to conduct. Most kitchens can be re-sealed within an hour.

Every job is unique in size and scope. Depending on the level of detail required, you can generally expect a 3- to 5-week timeframe from day of template to day of installation.
In order to begin the template process, cabinets must be installed, and your sink/faucet selection must be determined. We also recommend that you choose appliances before we create a template. It is very helpful if you select your material and edging profile before the templating phase takes place as well.
On a daily basis, we recommend using mild soap and water to clean your granite countertops. For more extensive cleaning, we offer a 3in1 spray that we suggest using once or twice per month.
Our stones fall into a wide range of prices. Many variables – including edge profiles, cut-outs and supports – affect the final price of your project. At Capital Granite, we work on jobs as small as creating simple cutting boards to as elaborate as exterior cladding of a commercial building. The only way to accurately estimate the cost of your project is to bring a drawing or sketch into our showroom and meet with a salesperson.
Marble has been used for counters and cladding for many years, however it is not generally considered as durable as granite or quartz. Marble is susceptible to etching or dulling from acids, such as citrus juice. Marble can also stain and scratch easier than granite or quartz. If you are choosing marble for a project you should expect a “living finish,” or patina to develop. Many people find the patina to be both desirable and beautiful.
Granite is highly heat resistant, but we always recommend you use a hot pad when setting items onto the granite directly from the stove or oven. This is even more important if you have quartz countertops as heat can damage the resin in the quartz.
There are many variables when it comes to placing seams. We consider layout, slab sizes and movement. At Capital Granite, we take steps to use as few seams as possible. For example, we install with 3- to 4-man crews. The size of the crew allows us to install tops as large as your space and the slab accommodates. Accessibility, ceiling heights, door widths and installer safety all affect the size of top we can install in each space. The best way to estimate the number of seams in your project is to bring in a sketch or drawing and meet with a salesperson.
On average, quartz will start out approximately $20 per square foot more than the lowest price group of granite.